Joplin MealWatch: Fail (Warnings Before Committing to a Food Journal)

It's rude to have your phone out at every meal
It's rude to have your phone out at every meal

An experiment failed. What was known as “Joplin MealWatch” was founded in logic, and had even been witnessed as effective. But, what was meant to motivate and inspire, actually turned out to be complex and outright rude.

No matter how easy the WordPress tools made it to capture a quick picture of my food and post it (two clicks on my phone and a few words in the app), I still found myself easily forgetting. A few posts I even had to catch up with later to add unofficial stock photos–or worse yet, no photos at all!

It became intolerably rude when I would have to whip out my phone as we received our food either at a restaurant or at the dinner table, often interrupting conversation and blocking others’ path to the shared food or condiments. Imagine being that guy at a nice family Thanksgiving dinner who infuriates grumpy grandparents and annoys caring wives.

So there you go. Try at your own risk; you’ve been warned. Lesson learned, though: it’s not the tools that matter, it’s the awareness. MealWatch did serve it’s purpose in ensuring my cognizance of the issues I will have living back in Joplin, with less metabolism than I had in high school. And my dedication to the gym, bicycle riding, and yes, more apples and Kashi GoLean instead of Takis and four-course Italian meals from chain restaurants.


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