Joplin MealWatch: Thanksgiving Day Dinner


What: My homemade Guacamole. 6 small avocados, 2 whole wheat tortillas, mixed mexican shredded cheese, and tortilla chips. Oh, and 2 cups of Southern Comfort w/ diet ginger ale.

Why: Well, eating at my dad and Jayne’s house is always an interesting experiment. They intentionally leave their kitchen fairly bare. In fact, one staple in their kitchen is steamed brussel sprouts. And since my dad and Jayne claimed to only want a snack, Claudia

throwing up after eating brussel sprouts
What happens when you eat brussel sprouts

recommended I make my guacamole that I  brag about so much. And while at the grocery store, we couldn’t help but grab some tortillas for cheese and onion quesadillas.

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